CherrySerb Sanja Radičević, PhD, FRI PI The key researcher in cherry breeding and pomology, with specialised skills in reproductive biology and broad base of expertise in flowering phenology, pollination research, monitoring the pollen tube growth in vivo, assessment of pollen tubes growth efficacy and suitability of pollenisers. The most deserving for plant material choice and pollination experiment design, as well as involved in application of fluorescent microscopy and histological methods in order to investigate GSI status and reproductive behaviour in male/female sphere at higher temperatures in CherrySeRB material.
CherrySerb Slađana Marić, PhD, FRI P1 The leading researcher in the field of fruit genetics, specialised in application of DNA markers within conventional breeding and studying of genes involved in determination of important traits. Responsible for establishing protocols and identification of S-haplotypes of cherry genotypes, and engaged in all aspects of pollination experiments, assessment of reproductive behaviour of the genotypes and suitability of pollenisers.
CherrySerb Milena Đorđević, PhD, FRI P2 Researcher with exceptional skills in the application of cytological, histochemical and morphological methods in understanding of different segments of the reproductive cycle. Leading person on project activities linked to female/male reproductive behaviour in relation to higher flowering temperatures and involved in assessment of pollen-pistil interactions under different pollination modes.
CherrySerb Ivana Glišić, PhD, FRI P3 Researcher with unique skills in conducting VCU and DUS tests at stone fruits, and a huge experience in studying reproductive traits of fruit genotypes, particularly degree of self-fertility and determination of appropriate pollenisers. Responsible for the investigation of pollen-pistil interaction under different pollination modes.
CherrySerb Nebojša Milošević, PhD, FRI P4 Head of the Department of pomology and fruit breeding, with strong expertise in characterisation of different Prunus species, evaluation of pomological traits, fruit quality attributes and content of primary and secondary metabolites. The key researcher for overall consideration of nutraceutical value of CherrySeRB material, including the use of different statistical analysis in processing of data obtained within this segment of the research.
CherrySerb Milan Lukić, PhD, IPLB P5 Researcher in the field of breeding and genetics, biological and pomological evaluation of genotypes and genetic resources of fruit trees. Within CherrySeRB involved in air temperature monitoring and the study of phenological traits of cherry genotypes, particularly in the assessment of flowering and ripening phenophases.
CherrySerb Aleksandra Korićanac, PhD student, FRI P6 Junior researcher with focus in assessment of fruit quality changes during ripening and storage, primary and secondary metabolites, bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity in fresh and processed fruits. Responsible for determination of nutraceutical value of CherrySeRB material, including pomological traits, fruit quality attributes, nutritional quality, phytochemical composition and antioxidant potential.
CherrySerb Olga Mitrović, PhD, FRI P7 Researcher with specialised skills in fruit processing, especially in drying technology of Prunus species, as well as in application of various methods for the assessment of nutritional composition and characterisation of bioactive compounds in both fresh fruit and products. Involved in determination of nutritional quality and phytochemical composition of CherrySeRB plant material.
CherrySerb Radosav Cerović, PhD, IC TMF P8 International expert in reproductive biology, genetics, breeding, genetic resources and biotechnology of fruit species, with long standing experience on leading and participation in national, COST actions, FP7, Horizon 2020 and innovation projects. Involved in all aspects of reproductive characterisation, and the consideration in defining ʻgood reproductive behaviour cherry modelʼ that can face the climate change challenge.
CherrySerb Mina Volić, PhD, IC TMF P9 The researcher with experience and skills in encapsulation of bioactive compounds from plants, application of chromatographic and spectrophotometric methods in determination of phytochemical composition, controlled release, and antioxidant activity of the encapsulated material. Responsible for establishing protocols and identification and quantification of bioactive components, as well as for determination of antioxidant potential and indolamines in CherrySeRB material.
CherrySerb Vera Rakonjac, PhD, AGRIF P10 Head of the Department of genetics, plant breeding and seed science at AGRIF. The quantitative genetics, cytogenetics, characterisation and evaluation of fruit germplasm, clonally selection and application of statistical methods in genetic analysis are main areas of her expertise and skills. Responsible for pollination experiments, pollen in vitro and in vivo performance, morphology characterisation of pollen grain, and different segments of statistical analysis of obtained data.
CherrySerb Slavica Čolić, PhD, ISAA P11 The researcher with strong background in traditional breeding, including selection from native populations, as well as in application of different methods in molecular and reproductive characterisation. Involved in all activities related to pollination experiments, particularly in pollen in vitro and in vivo performance. Thanks to expertise in organisation of trainings and workshops for agricultural advisors and growers, she is the key person for CherrySeRB dissemination activities.